Vision Safety for Everyone.

Proactive Ai Technology for Workplace Safety
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Take control of safety compliance at your workplace.

We turn your passive safety procedures into proactive rules.

Accident Prevention

Our AI vision audits safety procedures in real-time to help prevent accidents and improve safety practices.

Reduced Legal Costs

We reduce the amount of injury claims by allowing you to take action before an accident takes place.

Improved Productivity

By reducing accidents we create a safe working space for your employees, increasing productivity.

Seamless Integration

Our software integrates with existing cameras, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems.

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Connect your cameras

Connect your existing IP cameras to our platform and we'll take it from there!


Build and configure your safety procedures

Use the deepseek platform to translate your safety procedures into the real world

Real-time intervention and compliance auditing

Handle violations in real time or keep track of them for safety meeting and audits


Build your safety procedures into your cameras.

Use deepseek's vision blocks to configure your safety procedures. Tell your cameras what type of safety violations they should be on the look out for!

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Object Detection

Safety Equipment Checks

Exclusion Zones

Distance & Speed Measurement

Our Ai Capabilities

Build your safety procedures using our extensive Ai based algorithms.

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We Integrate into your Existing Camera Infrastructure.

The deepseek platform can connect to any number of cameras in your facility.

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